What is TourIt?

TourIt is a story telling platform.  You are more than just pictures, videos and maps.  We help you tell your story!  Create engaging, informative and fun experiences for your family, friends, and customers.

We are a fully cloud-based solution - so you don't need servers or IT experience to leverage our power.  No coding is needed we handle the tough stuff.

How does TourIt work?

Simply!   Your media (photos, videos, 360 videos, 360 images) are uploaded onto our secure platform.  Our servers go to work on all of your media optimizing it for your story telling.  Our artificial intelligence (AI) can even create transcripts on your videos and translations into multiple languages.  We handle the creation of encoded videos into multiple formats, file compression and thumbnails.  Of course we save you original files so you can always download them from your private File Library.  

Then just like a movie or TV show use our Scene, Episode and Series tools to present your story.  All of it in your very our Channel where viewers are not distracted by annoying ads or content from others.  You get to run the show here!


Is TourIt for me?

It you want to keep your audience engaged and maintain a personal (private) experience, then yes.  Of course there are many free services for posting videos or sharing pictures but they do have hidden costs.  Your audience is subjected to their ads and data about you and your visitors being shared and sold to third parties.  We value privacy.

What else does TourIt do?

We are so glad you asked.  We offer a complete array of services to get your story ready.  We can assist with professional video production (including 360 and aerial), editing, copywriting and storyline creation.

We have a team of professionals ready to start on your story.  If you have your own content and material one of our project managers will work with your business account to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Who uses TourIt?

If you want to reach your audience with a compelling message and reason to stay engaged then we can help.  

  • College Recruiters

    • culture, history, enrollment, campus life, campus tours

  • Resorts & Hotels

    • Amenities, activities, location

  • Tourist Destination

    • History, museums, businesses, recreation, culture

  • Products & Services Businesses

    • Features, expertise, training material, client testimonials, your people & culture, real-estate

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